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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moundsville, Alabama- Part 1: Mounds Archaeological Park

One of camp buddies whose face turned green with envy when he saw....

Moundsville is about 16 miles south of Tusculoosa, Alabama. The Moundville site, occupied from around A.D. 1000 until A.D. 1450, is a large settlement of Mississippian culture on the Black Warrior River in central Alabama. At the time of Moundville’s heaviest residential population, the community took the form of a three hundred-acre village built on a bluff overlooking the river.  It is a place where you could spend two to three days exploring.  Full hook up campsites are available as well as primitive sites.  It is a beautiful, interesting stop.


Two separate digs are currently going on.  What until you see part 2 of this entry detailing the artifacts they found here!!

Wayne and Kobe giving this pic some scale.

it was a good thing we went there after eating all that cajun food at Pats in Henderson, Louisiana; that gave us motivation to climb all those stairs.  A good work out; those Indians were in great shape if they did this!

Going up on a mound
The site sits on the Black Warrior River.
There are some nice trails.

It was a huge site... these Indians knew how to pick a piece of real estate!  Special note to Jennifer and Russell; FYI: these Indians are their population declined, they became absorbed  into the five civilized tribes ( the Cherokee being one of those).

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