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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moundsville, Alabama - Moundsville Archeological Museum - Part 2

The Jones Archeological Museum located at the mound site in Moundsville.  One of the most impressive museums we have seen of ancient civilizations.  We encourage you to take time to click on the following two pics that explain this civilizations beliefs. It will make you think a bit differently when the next time you gaze at the stars. 

Below is just a small sampling of the artifacts they found at this site

The quality of the pottery was more than we expected, and we have been to many ancient Native American sites.
The recreations were very high quality. This depicts a wedding ceremony.
realistic looking displays
a royal bride going to her wedding
some of it looked quite Mayan...they traded far and wide but this piece was local
The eye in hand was a common theme


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  1. Kannon said WOAH! He likes those indians. ANd he said the hands with eyes were pretty. I guesse we will all have to take a trip back there.