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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coldwater, Michigan - Let's do the time warp again

We were checking out a few things this morning when Jeanette wanted a root beer and a chicago hot dog which had a nice pickle and some slightly spicy peppers. Click on this or any picture to enlarge and then make your own choice. And yes, after talking to the carhop, I know what a log supreme is.

They also had an extensive list of slushi drinks. The shakes...some sounded interesting, Wish they had free samples....just wanted to taste some of these. What would you order?

Superior root beer.

served in a frosty cold glass mug.

The other drive-in in town shows movies. Two big screens each showing a double feature. For you young-uns , that means you get to see two movies. (+ a cartoon?)

Don't be rude, turn off your lights when pulling up to buy your ticket.

Would you go to screen 1 or screen 2? No smooching in the car please!

You can see the concession stand through the gate. You can bring your own food but you still have to go to the concession stand at intermission to see who else is there.

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