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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glen Haven, Michigan

Scenic overlook looking north towards Glen Haven.  If you enlarge, you can see a farm in the valley, known as the D.H. Day farm, the man man that developed Glen Haven.
The way the farm looked back in the day.

The farm close up; the national parks dept is doing a fantastic job on the renovations.

The Sleeping Bear Inn that D. H. Day built; Lake Michigan sits directly to the right.
The General Store. Notice the Red Crown gas pump. It was a Standard Oil product.

What it looked like back in the days.

Another pic of the inn. 

D. H. Day built a cannery here.

The beachfront.
The old docks that were used for shipping...can you believe the colors in this water!

Some of the restored boats.

 Back before rubber tires were invented and used as protection for boats bumping the docks, people had to weave bumpers out of rope.

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