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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

House that Lumber Built in Transverse City

One of the early entrepreneurs in Transverse City made a few bucks in the lumber business. This area is mostly forest.

Porch wraps around three sides.

Plenty of yard between the house and the neighbor.

Front view. Click to enlarge for more detail.

As seen from the alley. I think the hedge is juniper.

He did not put his carriage house in the back yard. Well, maybe originally. Suspect he bought a half lot across the alley and added a fine brick stable.

I have never seen a window in a fire place. Jeanette spotted this.

We'll Call this one the Garden House

This is the second example of a 6th St. house. Nice wrap around porch.

Specimen free to highlight front yard.

Little details on side of house.

Garage apartment. Can you tell what is on the weathervane?

Hmmmm.....a gate going to the back yard. Wonder if its locked?

Why,  no its not.

A backyard garden

Other houses on the street

Original Brick Street

Click on any house to enlarge and study the detail

All these houses were on a two block stretch of one street

Garage Apartments

If I build another house, I would like to have two or three garage apartments on the other side of my pool.  When I lived in Galveston, I always liked them. The preceding blog showed the front of the houses. Lets see what the properties look like from the alley.

This was originally a carriage house. The top was a hay loft and the beam sticking out held a block and tackle to lift the hay up.

Same with a hay loft

CLick to enlarge and see the block and tackle.

Can you match these garages with the houses in the preceeding blog?

Put a garage apartment in the alley or just an adult treehouse with a hammock

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Transverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails T.A.R.T.

The area has a huge bike or hike system where you ride past bays, rivers, hills, urban, wilderness etc. I don't know how many miles they have but if you google it and find out. let me know.

The Marina downtown. Maybe I'll go pick out a boat.

That 37' Baja with the red canvas top looks like a keeper.

Or maybe this one (click on any picture to enlarge.

We're not that ambitious!

Jeanette heading down past downtown. We rode for a while in the bike lane on Front Street....a happening place.

There is a huge old residential section next to downtown. I want to tour it soon because I love looking at old houses.

If  I build a house, I want to have a wrap around porch.

I would love to sit on the porch in the evening.

Maybe I could get a rocking chair.

The Boardman river and the Bay drive separate downtown from Transverse Bay

The upcoming Film Festival will be huge. Here is one of the inflatable outdoor screens they were erecting.

You could watch the movie or turn to the right and look at the bay.

Sunday Morning in Traverse CIty

Doing some chores this morning. We started by going to a farmers market where we bought only a bag of tomatoes and a bag of small assorted squash.  We checked out two nearby state parks that had huge campgrounds but they were not "big-rig" friendly meaning I could not get my RV in. Did laundry and went to the grocery store but I always carry a pocket camera.

The view looking north from downtown. (Click to enlarge) How many people do they have on that boat???

A Tee-Pee. That would allow me to get into more campgrounds.

WHile Michigan has beautiful water on the Great Lakes, it also has hundreds of nice interior lakes. In fact, the price of lakefront property is nowhere near the price premium as in Texas.

Had to check out a BMX competition I passed. They had age categories of novice, intermediate, and expert starting at 8. I was surprised how many adults were competing. I thought the fastest group were the 17- 18 year olds.

It was an interesting crowd.....I could put more pictures in to illustrate that.

I don't know why but I always buy my ice cream at The Dairy Lodge.