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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mr. Wayne's Big Mistake

"I slept in the graveyard, it was cool and still, cool and still and it was cool"
Tom Waits - Cold Water
There is a man who has traveled full time in his RV for a couple of decades and he lists on his website, by state, his top picks and I just love using his site as he saves me a lot of research. Research is work. I am lazy. I am also picky about where I stay as I do "live' in some of the places a month or more. Following his recommendations, I've stayed in some nice parks in NM, Arizona, Oregon, California, Idaho, etc. We left Houston after a short stay and on a whim, I decided to go Corpus Christi as the people down there probably needed some lessons in saltwater fishing and it has been many, many years since I was there. So I referenced my reliable web site and made some reservations. One thing seemed odd, he mentioned, "even though the park is "downtown", it is in a remarkably quiet area. Clearly the Trailer Life ratings do not give adequate consideration to this outstanding new section of this park."
When I was leaving the park in Houston , the guy who owns the Slick Willie's chain came up and asked where I was going. I told him I would be back and told him my plans. He said, "Well, its a good thing you are going on vacation but its a damn shame you are going to Corpus." I shrugged that off and said I was going to a very nice campground there. I did not have a good drive to Corpus. I was tired when I got there.

The campground is in a remarkably quiet area.

cool and still

It that a refinery in the background? Just like being back home.

Is this Howard's place? Howard Bazaar?

The laundry had a clothesline on the side which often had clothes. It cost a dollar to use the drier but only 50 cents to use the clothesline

The site was large and I was setting up when my neighbor walked up and told me not to leave any items in my truck at night. Several vehicles had been broke into during the last two nights.  I needed forty feet of sewer line to get to the connection and I only had thirty so I drove past several homeless shelters and got into a lot of traffic to go to the Walmart where it looked like the clientele were all just dropped off a bus from some over crowded penal system....more traffic down to Padre where the 30mph was stirring up the breakers and seaweed and back into traffic....I'm not going to go on.....I was not a happy camper....That night I left the light on outside and was loading my pistola when I thought, "Now, do I really want to shoot some homeless person or young punk over $20 worth of crap in my truck???" I thought that was a damn good question as  I laughed and loaded the three seventeen round clips. I'd shoot them just for touching my truck. I did not sleep well that night. I left Kobe outside chained to the truck and heard him growling and barking and someone screaming like they were getting there ass tore up by an 80 pound dog in the vicinity of my truck and I felt like I should go and help my dog but I was having one of those rare sober nights enjoying what sleep I was getting and did not want to get up so I fired a few random warning shots out of my bedroom window (yes I opened the window first) just to let any nearby N'eer do wells know  that there was a new sheriff in town. The next morning when the office opened I had my money refunded for the week, packed up and headed north. I spent 19 hours there.

You can click on any picture to enlarge. "Howdy, neighbor".

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