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Monday, June 4, 2012

LBJ State Historic National Park - LBJ's Ranch

The entrance of LBJ State National Historical Park 16 miles east of Fredericksburg.  LBJ grew up near here and when he became a senator, he purchased this property that lies along the Pedenales River from his aunt.  Throughout the course of his life he added thousands of acres to this family property.  It is a beautiful ranch. Upon his death, 600 acres were given to the state including his home which was referred to as the Texas White House.  You can drive through the ranch for free; it costs two bucks to tour the house which is well worth it.  Sadly, no photography allowed in the house.  It was a perfect example of life in the 60's/ 70's.  You would think it would be a grand house, but it is the original house his aunt had lived in with a few additions yet retaining it small scale and simple grace. 

deer oh, deer

looking north on the ranch
LBJ's beautiful air force 1/2 ....a Lockheed Jetstar Vc - 140 enlarge by clicking on this or any other picture

he had fun with this car/boat

His hunting rig

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