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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Cave Without a Name - Boerne, Texas

A Cave Without A Name is outside of Boerne, Texas.  While the Eyring family was visiting us this weekend, we decided to take a tour.

The cave is a live cave; the tour was fantastic because you could get close to the formations, and we were  in a small group for our tour.  Plus, it was about 66 degrees in there while outside it was reaching 90.  A perfect afternoon let see what are they so interested in...

The ripples in the pool came out great, click to enlarge.  It is really hard shooting in the caverns, so any picture that comes out is a gift.

A ribbon formation...

They are looking down into a small river that runs through the cave.

Well, Colin is having a great time.  He may think he is in the batcave...

There were over 136 steps...not a real deep cave, but very unique.

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