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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hill Country Natural Area Hike - Bandara, Texas

On the way to our hiking destination, we came across these bison grazing.
Our hike today was about ten miles south of Bandera, Texas at Hill Country Natural Area.  We choose the 5A and 5B trailheads that offered a panoramic hike of the country side.  About a two mile hike.

Ready to go...

It was a challenging climb at some points, but overall it was  fairly moderate.
Now who wouldn't want to sit here for awhile and count all their blessings in life??

We would sit longer....but as you can see, a storm is blowin in.and we need to get moving if we are going to reach the summit. 

This picture shows the trail we were on quite well as well as the vistas we were able to see.

Jeanette and Kobe coming up the Peak

Fungus on the on any picture to enlarge

Cactus are getting ready to bloom

Breathtaking views  at the summit!
Elevation marker at the highest peak on trail.

Lightning and storm coming in...time to go down!

Bugs think the cactus are yummy

These flowers dotted the trail

It was a great hike even though we had to rush our visit a bit due to the approaching weather.  In some ways we were lucky with the weather though because we had a cool breeze and some clouds.  We would never do this hike in the summer...but perfect hike for spring and fall in the early morning. Bring lost of water and a camera.  The park itself offers primitive campsites and offers several trails for hiking, biking, and horses.  After our hike, we took a twenty min side trip to Medina Lake a bit further east of Bandera.  

 The drought had taken a toll as with all the other lakes we have seen in the hill country.

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