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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Enchanted Rock State Park, Texas

We strongly recommended clicking on photos to enlarge; you will get a clearer, more detailed image.  Enchanted Rock Natural area is about 30 minutes north of where we are camping at.  About the only decent time to hike this is in the spring and fall and then do the hike early in the morning. Bring lots of water.  It is breathtaking especially in early spring. There are three main trails, the Summit, Echo Canyon, Turkey Pass.  We have only done the summit trail before; this time we did all three, about a four mile trek.

The view of the uplifts of Enchanted Rock coming in from the southwest.  It was 64 degrees when starting the hike; when we finished, it was 81. 

The trail going  over Turkey Pass.

Trail going up to the summit.

At the top of the summit trail.

Climbing up the granite slope on summit trail.  Yes, it is pretty steep.

The vista was a bit hazy from the top in the early morning, but still breathtaking.

Though we have hiked the summit trail before, this is the first time we have done it in early spring and was surprised at the green patches and wildflowers.

After climbing the summit, we decided we needed to investigate that lake. We took a trail known as Echo Canyon which meandered along a seasonal creek and led us to a nice little spot.

Part of Echo Canyon trail.

Echo Canyon Trail--on the backside of the popular summit trail.  We have never hiked this and really enjoyed the shade and terrain of this trail.

Spring wildflowers and tons of butterflies were nestled along Echo Canyon Trail
More wildflowers

and a butterfly!

Backside of Enchanted Rock on the Echo Canyon Trail

A popular spot of real rock climbing

A few cactus are just starting to bloom.

Yikes, a rattlesnake slithering by...

Turkey Pass Trail had nice vistas, but not much shade.  By the time we reached this trail, the temp had risen to 84 and we were hoping around the bend there would magically appear for some waterfall to stand under to cool off- no such luck.  If that lake wasn't 2 miles behind us at this point; we would have gladly jumped in.

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