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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day Trippin - Hunt and Ingram Texas on the Gaudalupe

Our RV spot is just down the road.  Ahead is the town of Kerrville. To the right is Goat Creek. For the past month, we have loved driving into town following this creek.  Sadly, no houses for sale. About 5 miles to the west of Kerrville is a town called Ingram which sits on the river. We both have always dreamed of living around Hunt or Ingram.
A local resident of Ingram.
This is the main attraction in Ingram.  Where the water overspills, you place your tube and get a pretty good ride.  The water is still a bit chilly on a cloudy day, but it does not stop these teenagers!
The bridge crossing in Ingram...ahhh, ain't it pretty?
Yeah, we think we would like living here.  Their property is on the river of course.
Hunt, Texas - just down the road a bit from Ingram.

The view around Hunt and Ingram. 

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