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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage VW Rally in Fredricksburg

I used to own a few of these so I get excited when I see so many. They were running all over town today. How about a little Orange Crush?

These Camper/Pick ups used to be not that unusual back in the 60's. Note the Kharman Ghia behind him. 

My first camper van was a '69 this color but it was a hardtop.

Never had one this color!

This campground has been full all weekend.

The front window says Shitty Splity. (Two windshields)

Pretty manly vehicle

All conditions were there

I don't know

Another peekup



Panel Van

The Thing

This is the one that got away from me today but I went to Trade Days first and then the VW show. :-(

What a deal. What a steal.

and I missed it....

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