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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nuevo Progreso

 Four miles south of us is the bridge going into Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. I'm having three crowns and a bridge so I'm heading to my dentist. Jeanette wanted her teeth cleaned and some gold and zircon studded bling put on her two front teeth that says J B. The dentist says he could throw in some little flashing lights for free so she is happy.
South of the border where you can find 900 dentists and 90 pharmacies in the first three blocks.

Aztec legend says a few millennium ago, some one of importance saw an eagle eating a snake (present day Mexico City) and decided to build the capital there. This is still the emblem of Mexico. I guess the moral is "If you are going to build a capital where there are poisonous snakes, pick a spot where the birds can help keep their numbers down.

Move along folks, there is nothing to see here.

Don't wear flip flops. It might rain.

OK, they are somewhat different than our pharmacies as they sell different things written in a foreign language. However, it is not foreign to them.

Too bad my mouth is so numb from the novacaine.

1 comment:

  1. Three crowns and some bridge work in one trip?
    Did you do what I did and avoid the dentist for like 15 years? I decided to do something about it this year and have had a root canal, crown, deep deep cleaning and going in to fill 4 cavities on Monday. I am more intimate these days with my dentist than with my wife, it seems.

    P.S. Can't wait to see the blinding bling in Jeanette's smile.