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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mission Nuestra Senora del Espíritu Santo de Zuniga

We decided to do some Texas Trompin' during the winter months.  To escape the cold, rainy days of the Houston area during January, we choose to venture into South Texas this year.  The mission is located within Goliad State Park .  The enitre area around Goliad was quite interesting. This mission was moved to Goliad from Lavaca Bay in 1749.

We took a tour provided by the park ranger that was very informative. 

We had a perfect day for picture taking.

 During our educational tour, we learned there were particular entrances into the church for specific people.  If you were a member of the church, you could enter through the front door; however, if you were not, this symbol marked the door you had to to enter.  You could not use the front door until the Spanish converted you, and you learned your lessons well.

The entire inside of the church was renovated according to historical records.

This symbol marked the wrong door to enter; it also marked the 'funeral' door exit.  Upon passing, when the body was carted out, it came through these doors.  

Workshop and the "technical training" area for converting those indians to be civilized.

Loom  in the workshop area showing cottons of loom of different natural dyed material

The upper window of the church was oriented to allow sunlight to line up directly to alter on Easter.

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  1. Very pretty... good thing you did escape the Houston weather this week!