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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bentsen Rio Grande Vallley State Park, Texas

Today we went to Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, headquarters for the World Birding Center network which is made up of several state and national parks along the Rio Grande Valley area.

The grounds of the state park are really quite pretty.  There use to be a huge campgrounds in this park until it was decided to return it to its natural state.

The park borders Mexico.  The trail leading to the Rio Grande River was closed. 

More border patrol...yes, they are placed throughout the state park.  Kinda makes us wonder if we should be taking a hike in the state park after all.

Besides the welcoming border patrol ...two cardinals welcomed us to the park.  Click to enlarge.  Luckily, on the following shots, you won't have to click to enlarge to see the birds.  Wayne's new camera has a great zoom!

Green Jay

Altamira Oriole

A large bird. Chachalaca 

Great Kiskadee

Some variety of redwing blackbird

Some of the wetlands
 Kayaking is popular on this inlet. 

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  1. I camped at the campground the end of March of 2003. Many birders camped there all winter every year. The campground was closed partially due to problems, especially at night, with illegal border jumpers causing problems for the campers.