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Friday, July 8, 2011

Silver Falls State Park - Silverton, Oregon - Waterfalls Galore

This state park is Oregon's largest and oldest park and considered the most beautiful for the Trail of Ten Falls

8.7 miles??!!  Moderate to difficult??!!  Well, heck,  we have all day and the temp is 65, cloudy; we have water and some sandwiches...

It is an easy start...paved and level.  Just wonder how long that will last.
Shoot within  a quarter of a mile a waterfall already!
Upper North Falls 65 ft.
Okay, we knew that easy terrain was not going to last!
North Falls 136 ft.

Neat...we get to walk behind the waterfall!

The trail varied from climbing to level, so it wasn't too bad.

A slug in the middle of the road.

It was a very pretty walk along the river .
Lower North  Falls 30 feet--the waterfall spills into a deep pool.  People do swim in these pools in summer.  Only question...when the heck is summer in Oregon?  The water is freezing and temp rarely above 75.  

Double Falls- you have to click to enlarge to see the top fall - to your upper right, 178 feet

Click to enlarge to see the winding stair trail...whew, that will take your breath away if you are from Texas!

Middle North Falls, 106 feet

and more stairs...this is part of the trail steps shot earlier  (above),

South Falls 177 feet---breathtaking.

OMG!   a deer right in front of us.

A fern meadow

a beautiful flower along the way.
The last waterfall of this hike...Winter Falls, 134 feet.  Yes, we know we did not give you a pic of all ten waterfalls along the hike only to inspire you to come to Oregon and see them for yourself!

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