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Friday, July 15, 2011

Roseberry, Idaho

 After the lake, we ended up in Donelly, Idaho. I noticed it was only a mile from Roseberry where they are having music concerts this weekend. We drove over and it was old.....
 It had a very old general store which old things inside. To see what you may recognize, click on any picture to isolate the picture, then once again to enlarge. Some of us older people will recognize numerous items and the younger people will recognize brand.

 Jeanette shopping. Roseberry was founded by Finnish immigrants and there were several children's books for sale that Jeanette's Finnish grandmother used to read to her.
The original owners in 1905. Notice the postcard holder above and in between them? 

Still there.

Four Finnish-American soldiers returning from the Spanish- American War came here to try the american dream. They built the cabin on the left and all lived there at first.

Time to play. Pick out a game.

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  1. I think I just aged 5 years from viewing those photos.