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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Provo, Utah - A Pleasant Surprise - July 24, 2011

We drove into Provo on the 20th and had only planned on staying two days; however, we were pleasantly surprised on how scenic the area is with bearable temps, so we decided to stay a few extra days to explore more.  This is a scenic drive we took today called the Provo Canyon Scenic Drive...and yes, it was.
Further up the road is Parks, Idaho where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held.  This area is referred to as "the Alps of Utah".  Temps were nice...daytime ran in the mid 90's , 10 - 20 % percent humidity, and evening temps in the 60's. 

First thing up Provo Canyon, you see the double falls called Bridal Veil

 Entering the Resort "Sundance" where the film Festival is held. Robert Redford created this.
 Riding up the lift at Sundance.
 A view from the lift.
 The Resort has a lot of houses to rent.
 Mirror image by our campsite.
 The edge of Lake Utah

Farmer's Market in Provo

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