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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mount Angel, Oregon

The town of Mount Angel is not really a mountain town but sits on a three hundred foot bluff.  It is located 4 miles from Silverton, Oregon where we are camped at.  Surprisingly, it is just 18 miles from the Salem, Oregon, 45 miles to Portland. Hard to imagine these small, vibrant towns exist in the shadow of such a highly populated area.  We were impressed with the hanging pots of flowers, the quaint shops, and the German influence.  The town was  settled in the 1800's by German  settlers and has a "must see" Oktoberfest.
Library. Many signs were dual english/german

European details on building
If you look closely at the main building with the tower clock, you will noticed they are closed.
However, everyday at 11, 1, 3, and 7, the doors open and the history of the town is told.

This place advertised itself as the best homemade sausage without preservatives.

Yes, we gave it a try along with some German beer.  It was yummy.  They sold frozen packages of their sausage blends; they had one called 4 alarm---hmmm...maybe not, but we did get the 2 alarm.

Well, guess what and another pub with some German beer.  They grow hops all around this area.
Guess if you are not in the mood for a German beer, you can always go here.
Just some flowering bushes that we had never seen before and thought, "How pretty".

This is a maibaum. It is a "tree of trades" which shows the skills and services available in town. The bottom two rungs contain the school and parish church as they are the spiritual and intellectual foundation of the town. Click on picture TWICE for more detail.

Outside of town, up on the bluff, with the absolute best views of the surrounding countryside, sits the Abby and a Retreat house that was first established by monks in the early 1800's.
the church bells with view

The church bells again with a view  of Mt. Hood in the very distant haze.Mt Hood is 11,000 and still has snow on it.  I know it is hard to tell from the haze.  A clear, picture perfect vista in Oregon is hard to come by!
From the grounds of the Abby, a big nursery sits  below.
Farm growing hops with Mt. Hood in background. 
Click to enlarge to see our closing remarks...

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