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Monday, July 4, 2011

Florene, Oregon and National Sand Dunes Monument

After hiking Sweet Creek Falls, we drove another 30 or miles to the Oregon coast ending up in the town of Florence and the Sand Dunes National Monument.
The Suislaw river runs through Florence. The city uses this as its port.

Cool old bridge. Click to enlarge (any Picture) for detail.

Jeanette pouring over the lunch menu.

They had a farmers market also. I bought a peach/blueberry pie. 

Cool original Evinrude neon sign
The dunes are about 50-60 foot high, so you first have to walk up and then down and then up again...though it was sunny, it was pretty cold and windy.

Jeanette crossing the dunes to the beach

Beach at Florence

Evidently, one of the biggest activities at the beach, is OHV'ing--off highway vehicle trails ( find that a bit ironic with Oregon being so "green".).  Right in the national recreational area, they have sectored off an area where you go 4 wheelin tearing up the dunes , or if you are from another country,  you can  get on one of these super dune buggies.  We found it a shame that the national forest division allows this.  Good money in it, they charge to enter the area, so $$$$ talks. Another popular ativity ( see below) is crabbing.


Heading back to Eugene

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