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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Downtown SIlverton, Oregon

Silverton has 10,000 people but no Walmart, Lowes, mall, Best Buy, etc. The only chains I have seen here are Safeway McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Of course you can drive eleven miles int othe capital of Salem and have all that and more. Plus they have the only She-male mayor in America. 

Behind the downtown

Who says a penny won't buy anything?  Click twice on any picture to enlarge. A penny will buy you 12 minutes of parking. A nickle will buy you an hour. A dime will max this thing out. Notice that there is no quarter slot. We parked downtown for  chinese meal and Jeanette thinks she had the best won-ton soup ever.

Zoom and notice the dog house theme. There is a monument here of a dog that traveled 3.000 miles to come back after his owner lost him on a trip.

I'm thinking about cranking my ragged old truck up and hauling myself into town.

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