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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diamond Craters - Oregon's Geological Gem - Burns, Oregon

Diamond Craters is an area located in the high desert country about ten miles from where we are camped at.  Scores of scientists come here to study the most diverse basaltic volcanic features in the U.S.  It is an isolated area with few facilities and is a bit barren, yet it has a very unique beauty to it.  The BLM created an interesting three hour driving tour that takes through this area.
This area is a mixture of wetlands and volcanic features. Click once on any picture to open it up and then click a second time to enlarge for details.
Lava bombs

Lot of craters and unusual flow patterns

6,000 year old spring fed crater. There is 50 feet of sediment at the bottom that scientists use for  studying past environments.

There are several lakes in the area mainly created by the snowfall  run off of some distant mountains.

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