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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A detour to North Fork, Idaho

Our last morning in Cascade, ID with the fog over the river. Time to break camp and head east.

We had planned a different route this morning when we left Cascade, but at the last minute Wayne decided to blaze a different trail. A typical Wayne trip. I looked at the map and said, " No, North Fork is too far". Took off toward Boise and turned toward North Fork.
Being a scenic drive, it took us 6 hours to go a little over 260 miles.  The road followed the Salmon River.
Yep, still seeing snow.

Topography changes as we head into "The West".

BitterRoot Mountains ahead.

Crossing Banner Summit

Sawtooth Mountains over the Salmon River at Stanley, Id. Click once to isolate and once again to enlarge.

Lots of hot springs in the rivers and people just chilling (enlarge)

Passing through Salmon, Id and the red ford is mine. I saw it first.

Salmon river at our Campsite. It is on the Lewis and Clark Trail. They said the salmon were like a current flowing upstream. Caucasians said, "well we can fix that"!  Lewis and  Clark screwed up a lot of Paradise. I read their biographies. They were not my heroes.

Late Afternoon at North Fork. People from here go to Galveston to get away from so many mosquitos. 

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