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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enroute - Glenwood Springs to Denver

Leaving Glenwood Springs behind us. 

The first of two tunnels we have to go through.

In case you ever wondered what it looked like inside a tunnel.
This person was just drifting by as we were rolling down the highway.  Looked like a good way to spend the day.

Coming into Vail which is right on the interstate.

We looked everywhere for hours on end for a place to stay in Vail for a coupe days.  No RV parks at all...there were a few outside of Vail, but they were very proud of their parks, wanting 50-80 bucks a night. 

Hmmm...could this be why there are no RV parks in Vail??? The town is landscaped with condos and hotels. 

The 5th wheel and truck did just fine going up, but get a load of this--- there is a bicycle path alongside of the interstate.  People honestly ride up this pass.  That has to be a challenge!!!!!

Going through the tunnel-click to enlarge sign.

If you click to enlarge you can see that we are approaching Denver and have quite a descent to make.

Loved this sign...evidently, the decline is misleading to some and they gain way too much speed on the way down.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Besides the scenic beauty, Glenwood Springs is well known for this place.  This is the source of the hot springs, and , of course, you do not soak here...there are several big pools with different degree ranges to choose from.

The therapy pool is 104 degrees and quite relaxing.

The scenery is also quite relaxing.  Even though it was an overcast day and rain on the horizon, it was very pleasant out, 75 degrees.  Beats the day we got into Colorado, when it was 95 degrees! 

Of course, rafting along the Colorado River is another big thing. No, we have not done that yet...working on it.

 Elk Creek Runs through the campground
Kobe liked laying in the cool water. The enthusiasm was not unanimous.

Monday, July 25, 2011

From Utah to Colorado

Got an early start. Drove farther than we intended. Scenery down US 6 in Utah.

Old towns are interesting. passed through Helper, Utah.

 Double click On any picture for more detail. Once to isolate and once to enlarge.
Balance Rock

Colorado scenery at first looks like Utah

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Provo, Utah - A Pleasant Surprise - July 24, 2011

We drove into Provo on the 20th and had only planned on staying two days; however, we were pleasantly surprised on how scenic the area is with bearable temps, so we decided to stay a few extra days to explore more.  This is a scenic drive we took today called the Provo Canyon Scenic Drive...and yes, it was.
Further up the road is Parks, Idaho where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held.  This area is referred to as "the Alps of Utah".  Temps were nice...daytime ran in the mid 90's , 10 - 20 % percent humidity, and evening temps in the 60's. 

First thing up Provo Canyon, you see the double falls called Bridal Veil

 Entering the Resort "Sundance" where the film Festival is held. Robert Redford created this.
 Riding up the lift at Sundance.
 A view from the lift.
 The Resort has a lot of houses to rent.
 Mirror image by our campsite.
 The edge of Lake Utah

Farmer's Market in Provo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A detour to North Fork, Idaho

Our last morning in Cascade, ID with the fog over the river. Time to break camp and head east.

We had planned a different route this morning when we left Cascade, but at the last minute Wayne decided to blaze a different trail. A typical Wayne trip. I looked at the map and said, " No, North Fork is too far". Took off toward Boise and turned toward North Fork.
Being a scenic drive, it took us 6 hours to go a little over 260 miles.  The road followed the Salmon River.
Yep, still seeing snow.

Topography changes as we head into "The West".

BitterRoot Mountains ahead.

Crossing Banner Summit

Sawtooth Mountains over the Salmon River at Stanley, Id. Click once to isolate and once again to enlarge.

Lots of hot springs in the rivers and people just chilling (enlarge)

Passing through Salmon, Id and the red ford is mine. I saw it first.

Salmon river at our Campsite. It is on the Lewis and Clark Trail. They said the salmon were like a current flowing upstream. Caucasians said, "well we can fix that"!  Lewis and  Clark screwed up a lot of Paradise. I read their biographies. They were not my heroes.

Late Afternoon at North Fork. People from here go to Galveston to get away from so many mosquitos.