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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walk by old Camden House

Unusual effect in clouds at noon

Click on any picture to enlarge. Old Camden house built in 1852 but no longer a residence. Camden built a toll bridge on the creek by his house and had several other enterprises including getting gold from the creek.

Several outbuildings in back of house.

Another creek right behind his house.

Several rare apple trees still remain productive in the orchard to the side of the house.

A barn we saw along the walk

main creek by house with clear cool water
Butterflies along creek

one of the outbuildings for a gold mine behind the house.

another creek. very serene

Garter snake sunning.

rare wild lilies growing along the creek

Picking wild cherries for a snack
We had a picnic on one of the beaches at whiskeylake

Cooling the feet off in a stream

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