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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Saturday morning walk in Redding- A 5.5 mile hike

We took a morning walk which was going to be urban but so many of the trails that branch off of this wonderful urban trail system head into areas that have been left natural. We did not branch off the main trail even though there were several tempting offshoots. There were nearly 30 pictures to choose from for this post so this is just a taste. Click on any picture to enlarge.
Wild geese on the river.
Prayer stones left at the peace labyrinth by the trail

A peace labyrinth by the trail on one of nine creeks we crossed. For mindfulness, you are supposed  to walk the labyrinth, say a prayer and leave a rock. You know this is California.

One creek we crossed was converted from a railroad bridge built in the 1870s. Chinese laborers hand hewn these limestone blocks for the bridge supports.

Jeanette crossing a wonderful suspension bridge built for bikes and pedestrians.

Taking Kobe to the river for a drink.

another stone thing by the river.

Looking into the river at a place where there were several eddies.
2 miles into hike.  Checkers, anyone?  ( click to enlarge).  You can see the hiking/biking trail is exceptional.  Pretty easy walking, until you hit the hilly parts.  

One of the houses looking down on the river.

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  1. wait wait wait,...I've seen this place before...its the Pet Cemetery! Run! dont bury kobe there!