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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hike to Diamond Creek Falls - 50 miles east of Eugene, Oregon June 23, 2011

The second waterfall we visited today was in the same area as the Salt Creek Falls.  The trail was a total of three miles round trip.

Along the trail, pines, hemlocks, and, believe it or not, rhododendrons everywhere.  They were just starting to bud. We imagine this would be spectacular in a few weeks when those blooms pop open!
Along the trail was a viewpoint or two--this one remains of a lava flow.
At another viewpoint, we had this vista.  If you click on pic to enlarge, you can see the first trail we were on for Salt Creek falls -  the wood rails are in mid center of pic.

We came across a pretty lake called Too Much Bear...we did not see any though.
To be on the safe side though, we decided to send Kobe out ahead as bear bait.
Pretty flowers here and there along the trail.

and , of course, still a bit of snow ..

There were some creative bridges
The steps leading down to the bottom of the falls
Just to show you what we go through to get some of these pics...To be honest, Wayne and Kobe made it to the bottom of the creek that the falls flow into.   Jeanette stayed behind at this point to watch for bears.

At the bottom of the falls, another bridge. Kobe has no fear...

The falls flow into this creek.

and..finally, the falls..quite breathtaking.

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