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Friday, June 3, 2011

5 hours, a 2000 foot ascent, nearly 6 miles- June 3, 2011

Crags State Park...We debated for a moment or two and chose Castle Dome
The first part of the hike was through a forest and a breeze...
The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Mexico to Canada. We crossed it on our way up.
The terrain started to change about a mile into the hike.
As we climbed, every now and then, we caught a glimpse of our destination.

If you look closely and enlarge, you can see we were climbing; the trail winds through the trees.
We made a slight detour to see Indian Springs.

We refilled our water bottles seeing we were only half way to our destination.

Rested and with some cool spring water, we are ready to go...
Are you sure this is the trail???

Jeanette coming up the mountain.

Castle Crag is a solid granite upthrust.

As we got higher, more of the other mountains could be seen.

Nearing the top. From one vantage point we could see three different Geological  ages. To the west are the the Grey Rocks which are 500, 000, 000 years old. The crags are 150 million years and to the northeast Mount Shasta is 50,000 years old.
Wayne at the top..

I wonder if this plant is related to the Edleweiss. A flower found in the Alps

All this rock was turned sideways as it was thrust up.
After the hike...neither one of us will be able to walk tomorrow!  But it was a great challenge and fun.

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  1. That looks like an amazing walk. I didn't associate the story with something like that!