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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Most Unusal Trip- Crater Lake June 29, 2011

Click on pictures to enlarge. Each adventure should start with a trip to Lion's Mountain bakery to see what is happening. I had a blueberry scone with orange peel added

Our intent was to head up to Waldo Lake up the road apiece.  It is said to be one of the cleanest and purest lakes in the USA, so clean in fact that you can see 125 feet into the lake on a good day.  We took our exit and about 4 miles up the road ran into a roadblock of sort; it evidently was not a good day to see the lake..  So, we turned around, went back the mountain to another lake.

There are a bunch of lakes in this area.  This is known as Odell Lake.

We went into the little camp store there to refresh our coffee and get some ideas about hiking trails in the area.  The kind lady looked at us, and asked, "well, did you bring bug spray?".  No we hadn't seeing it was 50ish out and we are up north, right?
So , we detoured and drove an extra 60 miles to see Crater Lake National Park.  At the entrance to Crater Lake lies a pumice desert,  a result from the volcano eruption. Hardly any trees grow in this area due to lack of nutrients.  They get plenty of water; the volcano byproducts just altered the soil so much only a few trees grow.

A mile into the park, we see that we probably won't be walking any of the trails here.

Low clouds begin to move in, rain sprinkles begin to fall, the temp is dropping as we climb.  At this point, we are hoping that the sun will still come out so we can at least see something--we are optimists.

The visitor's center was packed with people, so we weren't the only ones.
wise advice

from inside the restroom at visitor's center- note no escape route.

I bet it is pretty on a perfect day...the postcards in the visitor's center were breathtaking.  But at least we got a peak for five min. and the sun did come out a little bit at least.

The park ranger at the entrance.  We had a hard time trying to figure out why she wore that netting...mosquitos in 40 degree temps and snow on the ground????  But they were everywhere, people rolled down their windows to pay the entrance fee and were swinging left and right. 

As we leave the park and drop in elevation, this is what the weather was like. Oregon has strange weather!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A failed hike

 There are a lot of wildflowers here. It must be a coincidence that I saw these daisies as I think Jeanette wants me to go into the daisy export business. Last night I woke up and heard her whispering into the phone that they "should not worry about Wayne because soon he will be pushing up daisies. Must be some jargon that they use in the flower business.
 Kobe loves the steams. He lays in the water and then he go lays in the mud. Then he acts as if his feelings are hurt when I make him ride back into the camp in the bed of the truck.
 More wild flowers. I am an expert on plants. These are either sunflowers or petunias. (You can click on any picture to enlarge)
 The cottonwoods make it look like it is snowing in the forest. These are black cottonwoods and can grow up to 200 ft high.
 I call this post a failed hike because the directions said to cross over the concrete dam and then turn right under the railroad trestle. I told Jeanette to take off her shoes and carry me piggyback across and then she could come back and carry Kobe across. She flat refused. For a hike to be successful, one must pick a partner who is willing to be a team player.

 I tried to pick another route and backtracked to an old bridge I saw. It looked ok from a distance.

However, when I got closer, it looked a little worn. I told Jeanette to cross it and make sure it was safe for Kobe to cross but she must have not been in the mood for hiking today.

This is true. I thought this was a plant called an Oregon Grape. I ate several of the purple berries. Jeanette said it looked nothing like a grape and how could I be sure it was not the local toxic berry they make into some cancer treating drug? When I got home, I looked up an image of the Oregon grape and I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is not the Oregon Grape. I have not experienced any side effects except my feet are now 22 1/2 inches long and 7 5/8 feet wide. Plus, I have tons more body hair than I used to. There are several great varieties of mushrooms that grow here. I think I'll go pick some tomorrow.

 I asked Jeanette to go swimming here so I would know if the water was cold or not. She said she forgot tot bring a towel. Does anyone really like sarcasm?
 All this national forest requires permits for personal use. You need a permit to cut trees, firewood, or even gather mushrooms. This meadow would be a great place to grow pot. I'll go to the forestry service in the morning and see if they have a permit for that.
This is either a carnation or a canna lily.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hanging out in Oakridge, Or.

Laying out on the lawn listening to a free concert at the park.

One of the rivers in town. We are staying three mile from Oakridge.

Heading down to Brewer's Union Local 180. A real ale public house and brewery. People on the sidewalk are drinking beer and its not even five o'clock.

I went to soak at McCredie hot springs and people had made all these little stone totems.

One of the pools at the springs

so many wildflowers

Sturgeon...five to six foot.

Everything is so green

Chinook Salmon

Map of rivers
is carved onto a redwood plank. Its about six foot wide

Pinard Falls - June 25, 2011

We took a drive on some old logging roads in search of some waterfalls that were listed on a topographical map.  One lane dirt roads with some turn outs in case you came across another vehicle.  Luckily, only came across one or two  and they were small vehicles and let the dully go by.  After some searching, the topographical map was not exactly accurate and signs were missing from the logging roads, we finally found waterfall number 1. 
The trail was rated as "most difficult," but it was only a half a mile, so we figured, we were in good enough shape. There were some challenging climbs though.  Began to feel like a mountain goat.
It was a hike..felt more like a mile...but we made it.

Moon Falls - June 25, 2011

In the same general area as Pinard Falls, we came across fall number 2, Moon Falls.  There were three falls in this area, but could only find two due to road signs being knocked down.  But this one had a special feature wish we would have known about ahead of time.
An easy one mile hike..thank god.  Think we have hiked close to 25 miles in three days.
The special feature ...At the end of the trail placed along the stream in the shadow of a waterfall..a picnic spot.  Darn it..would have brought a picnic basket had we known!
Only problem with Moon Falls, we were there at the wrong time of day and shadows were terrible on the pics.

Sahalie and Koosah Falls - McKenzie River - June 24, 2011

These two falls are  in very close proximity to each other.  The first fall was Sahalie falls and was pretty impressive.  Didn't even need to hike to see it.  It was just off the road a piece and developed with a pretty asphalt walkway and rails. 
It always amazes us how vibrant the moss is around the falls.

This is known as Koosah falls.  Surprisingly, it is just a few miles from the falls above.  This area is so rich in waterfalls.