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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Willow Creek above Bass Lake - A Mother's day hike

After doing a lot of research on hiking trails, I picked this one for Wayne and I to walk today. 

The river is at its peak from the winter snow melt right now. During the summer, however, it is calm and plays host to skinny dippers from all around. Seriously...

 Lupines in the same family as Bluebonnets
 More Lupines

 I was going to cross the creek on this log but at least one person a year dies in this creek. Better safe than...

 But I told Wayne this looked like a safer way to cross the river...

 Manazilla Tree. Cool Bark

 Wayne, can't you wait for our picnic!!??  And one pine cone should be sufficient!

 Hansel and Gretel left their bread crumbs going up to the front door..
 Bass Lake
 Kobe seems interested.
Lighting was not good but it was an old Hamm's beer sign where the water "flows" and "moves" in the middle.