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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weaverville, Ca - Joss House

This Taoist temple was built in 1874 by Chinese miners. It still is in use today.  It is simply amazing, tucked away in a tiny town two hours or so north of Sacramento ( about 30 min from where we are staying).

The landscaped grounds leading to the temple are peaceful and serene.

The temple is pretty small

All of this was packed by mule over a mountain range.

A heat exchanger on the wood fireplace utilizes every bit of heat. this was the classroom.

This was the caretaker's quarters.  He lived here for 50 years.

Even the though the building is wood, the wall is painted to look like blue brick.  This state park is closing at the end of summer due to budget cuts.  The current caretaker is not sure what will happen to this bit of history. 

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