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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nevada City, California

Yep, another gold rush town...except, this one had some hills!
The town used to be called Nevada until the new state to the east was formed and called Nevada so the insulted townspeople changed the name to Nevada City. The the state changed its name to Nevada City and the town changed its name to the Original Nevada City and the state followed suit. The town is now called Whatever.
And it was decorated 
The town adopted the Motto "Hope and Change" in 1935. It looks just as it did in 1935. Since gold mining shut down in 1954, the major export is crystal meth.

and, of course, it had history...
 This i a Pelton's Wheel which was used to hurl melon size rocks

at indians

at the same rate as a gatling gun 

Jack London and even Mark Twain performed here...
All these towns had at least one major fire. Wonder why.

1861 fire station has been in continuous  use

Theatre troupe play was The Full Monty. I did not enjoy being ejected. They said disrobing was only for the actors. Small towns are so narrow minded.

Art Deco and made entirely of white cheese.

All the iron was being used in the mines so there were no bars for the bank.  They were able to get some lions.  Business fell off after the first customer was eaten.

Another IOOF

How cool is it to see an old movie theatre? We went to see Hangover 2 and it brought back a lot of memories.  I was having a good time until I got thrown out. 


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