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Friday, May 13, 2011

Jackson, California

 On the way up to Jackson, we passed through many cherry orchards and they had their stands on the side of the road. Yumm-yummy.
 Our camp on the casino property. We are about a mile from the casino. On the other side of the picket fence is a drop down to the road. (click any picture for more detail.

 Jackson is on Hwy 49 (MINER 49 ) which runs through gold country and many towns are well preserved.

 The miners here were of two main factions; Italian and Serbian. Most serb names end in ich.
The serbian alphabet reminds me of russian.

 Serb Orthodox Church
 Brick last longer than paint.
 Most of the historical district is from the Gold Rush or pre-civil war era.
 Great antique shops with cool items at reasonable prices. We don't collect stuff to put in the RV but if we had a house....

 The Kennedy Mine. Motherload runs through area. 80% of gold in still in ground.
Lot of steep grades in the town. Hard to play kickball in these streets.


  1. Angels Camp in Calaveras County on Highway 49 1983. No, my frog didn't win; he was a slacker.

  2. Haha - u takin' pictures of my house homey?! ...Good Pic it brings back Good Memories... Thanks!