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Sunday, May 15, 2011

California Gold -Day Tripping - Sutter Creek- The History

We went for a day drive to the towns along historic hwy 49, so named for the gold miners, the 49er's.  We found so many interesting sights we wanted to share with family and friends that we are just going to have to divide the photos up into categories.  This is the first one--Sutter Creek, California. 

Historically, the town is named after a man by the name of Sutter who owned a lumber mill in Coloma ( which is right up the road a piece...I know you have heard of Sutter's Mill....way, way back in some history class).  The town is well-preserved and is filled with images from the past:

The Knight Foundry
Click to enlarge to read about Knight's Foundry
If you enlarge, you can see the foundry had a unique take on how a business should be run...where else would you find an office that doubles as the bar!

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