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Sunday, May 29, 2011

McCloud River, California - Lower, Middle, and Upper Falls

After leaving Burney Falls State Park, we continued on exploring the area.  Going north on the "American Highway" (hwy 89), there was a perfect photo op for Mount Shasta.
Once arriving at the national forest, we started our hike on what is known as the lower falls area.  You can, if you enlarge, see this has to be a perfect swimming hole on a hot summer day!  People were fishing from the diving ledge (on the left hand side of pic)

This is what is called the middle falls...

The middle falls were quite impressive!
Burney falls had a lot of cool cabins for rent
At the upper falls. all the water was channeled through a chute.

McCloud bed and breakfast
All the housed in McCloud had steep pitches roofs. A lot of snow?
Lake Shasta

and here is Wayne posing at the upper falls.

 North of Redding. Craigs!
 This place had railroad cars for rent as cabins! also dining and cocktail cars!
 Click to enlarge. Houseboats are cool on Lake Shasta.

Burney Falls State Park - California

Pictures alone are worth more than words for this on pics to enlarge to get the best views...

You are standing on a bridge, watching yourself go by,,,From Be Here Now

Catching rainbows

3/4 of a mile upstream, there is no water! thousands of springs feed this.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lake Whiskeytown Recreational Paradise

The weather they are having around Redding is unusually cold.  People keep telling us it should be in the 90's at least instead of 60's and 70's.  But the weather did not stop people from getting out and enjoying Memorial Day activities:

Whiskeytown is one of many lakes within 10 miles of us. The Shasta-Whiskeytown-Trinity Recreational wilderness is huge.

Regatta on the lake

One of the beaches

Swimming area but no swimmers.

There were lifeguards but no swimmers and a concession stand but no customers so I  felt sorry for them.

One of the coves

At least the lifeguards were drawing a check!

French Gulch, Ca

French Gulch had a population of thousands back in the gold mining days.  Today it takes about two min to drive through the town.  Several hundred people still live here though..all probably bitten by the fly fishin bug seeing it is one of the top ranking areas for trout fishing here in Northern California.

Rainbo bread is good bread

Whiskeytown Falls Hike - May 28,2011

Today's hike was fantastic.  We hiked close to total of 4 miles; a bit cool and cloudy, but it was a great hike...
Got a pack mule to carry water and snacks.

The trail was easy to walk except the inclines brought about a grunt of two

But it was nice walking along a flowing creek

that had picnic spots every so often

rest stops along the way--click to enlarge
and quaint bridges to cross
as well as a waterfall...

Lower part of falls

Upper part of falls

Wayne posing by the waterfall

 and some people came by and took a picture of us together