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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wind Wolves Preserve Easter 2011

We choose the Wind Wolves Preserve for an Easter Day Hike. It is located about 40 minutes west of Bakersfield, Ca. The Wildlands Conservatory did a wonderful job with this preserve:
Getting ready for a long hike up a canyon and stopped at the perfect picnic spot for some reflective moments.
Heading on a trail into San Emigdio Canyon.
We did not carry provisions so we were forced to eat several lizards for sustenance.
Started off wearing a "hoodie" but that came off quickly.
Enlarge to see the natural heart and butterfly on the hill.
Lots of wildflowers. We won't post them all.
Natural grassland like those that used to cover the west.
 Kobe loves to lay in cool Mountain streams.
 Lunch. Tasted like chicken.
It was a very tranquil place.


  Several other perfect picnic spots were found along the hike...

 I've never seen such an old willow trees.  At this point we realized that we should turn back seeing it had taken an hour and a half to get to this point and we needed to hike we got off the canyon trail. Sadly, we did not make it all the way to the end...we think that would have taken another 2 hours or so.

 Heading back down on a bike trail. This would be a great place to ride a bike. This road was once the only road from L.A. to San Francisco at the time Spain owned Cal. It is over 200 years old.
The San Joaquin Valley runs from south of Bakersfield to a couple hours north of Sacramento. This is looking north as we descend from the very southern end.
The valley was surrounded by nice hills, caves, and cliffs. The canyon trail we hiked is in the middle and is marked by the trees.
The "old road" is now a bike trail. But interesting that we were walking a path others before us had laid. When they saw the valley, visions of prosperity probably popped in their heads.
As we left the preserve, two signs gave reminders that we all should adhere to...Happy Easter- enjoy life and treasure those you love.


  1. Now that looks like a wonderful place. Very
    movie-esque....if that is a word. And if it wasn't, now it is. That old Willow tree has seen many moons.

  2. Amazing scenery..hope y'all had a wonderful Easter together in the moumtains