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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Town of Paso Robles, CA-- A Real Honest-to Goodness Downtown

The town center of Paso Robles is centered around a quaint city park.  It a vibrant, clean downtown; we went early in the morning before most shops opened to get more detailed pics.  Typically, three afternoons a week the city park has a farmer's market. 

Look closely, Jennifer, yes, there is also a bakery in this town.  The cheese shop also had meats from Italy.  The smells from these two shops were quite tempting.

Nice pub with real men that wear kilts. The question is: is the guy in the picture wearing a kilt?

The wall of kilts

The courtyard where lots of kilts get lifted after massive quantities of beer and irish whiskey are consumed.

and an irish pub is never short on philosophy...

More yummies for the tummy.  No we did not buy anything, but the temptation was there!

Of course the town does have a WalMart, Kohl's, Ross, etc, but they are on the outskirts of town. 

1 comment:

  1. My question is not if he wearing a kilt, but is the man wearing anything at all? Nice place but hardly compares to downtown Texas City. Hell I didn't even see one crackhead....and you call that a downtown! Pfft!