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Friday, April 29, 2011

Random California Pictures from This Morning

On the drive down from San Juan Bautista to Watsonville, we saw several large crews picking crops. I wonder what they were picking. (Click on any picture for more detail)

MMMMM. Pass me the shortcake and the whipped cream!

The river coming into Capitola, Ca. The river flooded last month and the village had extensive damage.

The beach at Capitola. The wind kicked up and it was a cold wind which curtailed our exploration.

Hey. Look! A bakery in San Juan Bautista. Sure smells good! I wonder what is inside....

San Juan Bautista is known to be the closest thing to what California used to look like. We are going to explore it more soon and I'll post more pictures. It looks to have nice shops and restaurants. 

This model looks like she could in Mexico instead of California.
If I had a story book house in Santa Cruz, I probably would have a Snow White weather vane also.

SOme poor towns don't have a Wal Mart so they are forced to use the antiquated system of a vibrant downtown with shopping and dining. Santa Cruz. 

Flowers are amazing in California due to the climate. I do not know what type of tree this is.

Glad to see I was not the only one wearing a kilt today!

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