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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kern River Valley Bakersfield Ca April 16, 2011

We were shocked when we entered the mouth of the valley. It said 281 people have died here since 1968 as the river looks calm in some areas. Class 5 rafting.
Mountains in this part of the Sierra Nevadas have Grass and trees. More gentle in appearance than Az mountains.
click to enlarge and spot the hummingbird
The river and the long drive up valley was spectacular.

Lake Isabella is an eclectic town with a lake of the same name.

 We came back a different way and cut up through the high country. We found a nice picnic spot next to a stream

Lots of clover near the picnic spot. Spring in this section of the southernmost Sierra Nevada.
Jeanette felt sorry for me and put this picture of me on the blog.

This is the vehicle we used to move to "Californy". 


  1. Great pictures! Love the hummingbird one, and the ripples in the water.

  2. Those are wonderful pics. You guys deserve to see such beautiful places.