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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Drive- Part 2- Sequoia National Park

A breathtaking view as we enter Sequoia National Park.

Going at springtime had advantages; the different trees were blooming at the lower elevations.

A close up view of a waterfall...

Moss growing  on some rocks

and that is where we are headed to...

Near the top, a glorious view even though it was cloudy and rain was on the horizon.

This tree earned a spot on the blog, due to its size as well as the natural heart etched into the bark...ahww...

These are mighty tall trees

 Along with the advantages of going to Sequoia at springtime, well, there were also some disadvantages sort of...all the trails were closed  due to snow , but on the upside, we got some pretty neat pics of waterfalls and snow.

A snowman for the grandkids...Katherine, Colin, and Kannon

Of course, if you go to Sequoia National Park, we have to take pictures with people in the trees.

This was a tree that had fallen over a hundred years ago.  Pretty neat on the inside and about ten degrees warmer.

Looking through the fallen sequoia.

This here is a really big pine cone of some variety.

These trees were just amazing in person

At lower elevations, wold flowers were just starting to dot the grassy fields.


  1. these pictures are beautiful!! I can't wait to see more !


  2. What the hell....I can't believe those pics. So that is what a State Park setting is supposed to look like. What the hell are we doing in Texas!