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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cerro Alto Hike- Wildflowers and Vistas...

It was a beautiful morning, so we headed out for a hike about 30 miles from Paso Robles, Ca. this hike was highly recommended on various websites, promising a most spectacular view at the summit of the valley as well as the coastline by Morro Bay. Resources said it 2.7 miles up to the summit, so we figured no problem. 

Wayne as we begin the hike.

 A pretty stream ...

some pretty wildflowers

These were some strange "Dr. Seuss"- like green flowers that peppered the trail.

The hiking trail; this trail was rated as moderate to difficult...

This photo shows the trail we are hiking; look to the right ,and you can see it, especially if you click on pic to enlarge.  We were pushing it at times; rest stops were common. Even though we have climbed some tough hikes in Az, this was a challenge!

If it wasn't for the anticipation at this point, we may have turned back!  So, you ask was it worth it?  Well, judge for yourself with the following...

From the summit, a view of the coast..Morro Bay.  We were about 15 miles from Morro Bay.  Spectacular view; you can even see the waves from up here. You really have to click on pics to get a better idea of the view we saw. 

Yep, we made it to the top.  After two and half hours, a banana, a fruit nut bar, and two liters of water. we sat for a good 30 min and marveled at the beauty surrounding us.  We had driven to Morro Bay on Hwy 1 a few years back, but this in no way compared.  It was worth it even though our muscles were aching and knees felt more like a gumby.  It took us about an hour to descend. Total trail ended up being close to 6 miles. Whew, what a day!

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  1. The views look to be worth all the work involved. Amazing! Mom looks like a professional at the end,standing on top of the mountain she has conquered. Dad you look worn out, sitting down, pondering how your going to make it back down.