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Friday, April 29, 2011

Capitola Village, Ca April 29, 2011 - A Quaint Seaside Village

Capitola is one of the oldest seaside resorts in California.  Before that,  Soqule Indians roamed the land. Most of the town was built in the late 1800's - 1940's. These are the most original and cutest resort accommodations I have ever seen.  The village is about 15 min. south of Santa Cruz.

The wharf was really pretty
The view of the resort from the wharf

A great view of the beach.. bring me a corona!

Beautifully crafted homes dotted the hillside, most dating from the early 1900's.  This one is available, sits atop a hill overlooking the town and the ocean.  2 blocks to the downtown area and three blocks to the beach.
The 'downtown ' area. 

Some unusual, beautiful flowers...they look like they belong in the land of OZ.

Random California Pictures from This Morning

On the drive down from San Juan Bautista to Watsonville, we saw several large crews picking crops. I wonder what they were picking. (Click on any picture for more detail)

MMMMM. Pass me the shortcake and the whipped cream!

The river coming into Capitola, Ca. The river flooded last month and the village had extensive damage.

The beach at Capitola. The wind kicked up and it was a cold wind which curtailed our exploration.

Hey. Look! A bakery in San Juan Bautista. Sure smells good! I wonder what is inside....

San Juan Bautista is known to be the closest thing to what California used to look like. We are going to explore it more soon and I'll post more pictures. It looks to have nice shops and restaurants. 

This model looks like she could in Mexico instead of California.
If I had a story book house in Santa Cruz, I probably would have a Snow White weather vane also.

SOme poor towns don't have a Wal Mart so they are forced to use the antiquated system of a vibrant downtown with shopping and dining. Santa Cruz. 

Flowers are amazing in California due to the climate. I do not know what type of tree this is.

Glad to see I was not the only one wearing a kilt today!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving Paso Robles Heading North to San Juan Bautista, Ca

Yeah!  Diesel is finally cheaper than gasoline! 
Along the way to the new rv resort, we saw at least twenty farms harvesting cabbage.  It looked like a pretty detailed operation requiring a lot of people and machinery. Wonder where they get these people??? You really need to click on this pic and the following to get the detail.

A shot of pickers in the field.  They look like they have a tougher job than the people above.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Vineyards of Paso Robles, Ca

There are 110 established vineyards in the area.  We had to narrow our tasting to a section called west loop.This tour takes about half a day, as long as you do not stay in a tasting room too long.  The first stop was Mt. Olive about 15 min outside of town.  It is well-revered for its organic produce and olives..oh, this is also known as olive country as if wine was not enough.  Sadly, it is only opened Thurs through Sunday for tasting...and this was Wednesday.  Ahhh..but many more to pick from..

What beautiful countryside we rode through between wineries...

This was our favorite.

Their wine cellar...loved the interior of this tasting room.

Their vineyard; the vines are just starting to sprout leaves.  This vineyard also was well known for their walnuts...yes, besides wine, olives, olive oil, walnuts...They sell the majority of their walnuts to Blue Diamond.

This is the road we drove down between the wineries. 

Even caught this amazing bird in flight...never have seen one like this.You have to click to enlarge it to grasp the beautiful markings on this bird.

So, being in Olive country, we popped into an olive oil tasting.  Yummmmmm. Spent some bucks here.  Never realized the differences in some olive oil. 

More of our favorite shots

and more

yet another

too perfect; it can't get any better...

The Town of Paso Robles, CA-- A Real Honest-to Goodness Downtown

The town center of Paso Robles is centered around a quaint city park.  It a vibrant, clean downtown; we went early in the morning before most shops opened to get more detailed pics.  Typically, three afternoons a week the city park has a farmer's market. 

Look closely, Jennifer, yes, there is also a bakery in this town.  The cheese shop also had meats from Italy.  The smells from these two shops were quite tempting.

Nice pub with real men that wear kilts. The question is: is the guy in the picture wearing a kilt?

The wall of kilts

The courtyard where lots of kilts get lifted after massive quantities of beer and irish whiskey are consumed.

and an irish pub is never short on philosophy...

More yummies for the tummy.  No we did not buy anything, but the temptation was there!

Of course the town does have a WalMart, Kohl's, Ross, etc, but they are on the outskirts of town.