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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tonto National Forest- Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

North of Payson, Az. entering Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
A 14% grade...yes, 14%..good thing we were just driving the truck and not hauling a fifth wheel seeing there was no opportunity to turn back.  We later saw a class A towing a car in the parking lot at the bottom of the canyon and asked them how they did on that 14% grade....he looked relieved to be at the bottom.
Wayne enjoying some easy walking.  In the distance, to the left, you can see a trickle of a waterfall.
some interesting facts about the bridge...
We thought it was goig to be an easy stroll until we saw these steps spiraling down to the river bed...easy going down, but we knew we would have to climb up as well.
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the " black area" is an open cave where water flows through
Looking up at the top of the natural bridge.  In spring time this waterfall is gushing
Different angle of the natural bridge--guess you can see why they call it a natural bridge.
This was on a different trail but in the same park.  The pictures cannot capture the sheer beauty of this one little nook tucked away in nature.

You will need to enlarge this one in order to see how surprisingly Jeanette caught this shot..
...and the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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  1. What the hell.... thanks for ruining my night. I saw a stream today, a grown ass man taking a piss downtown in Houston and he even had the audacity to yell at people looking at him as they were walking back to work from lunch.
    But seriously those pictures are wonderful. That place is on my to do list.