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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enroute to Silver City New Mexico via hwy 152

We took off of Interstate 10 and traveled north on I 25 for about an hour or so and took a scenic byway--hwy 125.  The road was good, but countless s curves.  We should have counted them...but we would have have lost track.

The trees blooming along the creek in the canyon were amazing

besides the s curves, we had to watch out for bulls that roamed.

strange rock formations

After an hour, we reached the summit...beautiful pine forest, smelled like Christmas

This is what happens when man controls the universe...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boyce Thompson Arbortorium

Wayne found inner peace.  The state park is east of Phoenix by an old mining town of Superior. We caught a few early  springtime blooms. Thinking in two weeks this place will be in full bloom with cacti of every possible color.

We could hear the bees 15-20 feet away...they evidently loved this unusual tree that had only clusters of leaves at the end of each branch.  You have to click pic to enlarge and see them swarming.