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Sunday, February 20, 2011

heart walk- Colin- The Phoenix Connection

 In honor of Team Colin in the Houston "Its my Heart Walk". Jeanette and I walked a 4.8 mountain trail on the Sonoran Desert Trail. Jeanette designed and made a flag to plant on a mountain.  We even had a "Houston" kind of day to connect us--cold, rainy, windy...thus, the hat and the bad hair day pic below
 View of where the flag was planted. We love you Colin!

 Flag flying in its spot.
 And off on the trek. Two hours and ten minutes. Jeanette said she could have done it faster if she had not had to wait on me. Lots of elevation changes. I was starting to think a new exercise could be wiggling my toes in the hot tub!
 Kobe  needs a dog pack so he can carry the water.
 Needed a break.
 Strong Pacific front was moving in with rain. Walking into stiff wind with 40 mile gusts added unwanted resistance.

One half a mile from the end of the trail...this one was for you, Colin!  Side note: Team Colin won an award for one of the top fund raisers. Good job to those who supported this cause!

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