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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Go John trail - 5.8 miles in 3 hours - January 11,2011

Bright-eyed and ready to go.  Go John trail is a loop ( click to enlarge trail map below).

Start at arrow; go straight up, and then loop to the right.  Looked easy enough. Kinda wondered about all the wiggles on the map.
Yes, it was brisk at the beginning. Kobe is in the lead. Jeanette is patiently waiting for Wayne.  The hat and gloves were off within the hour.
We are going where??? Beautiful vistas on this trail.

Pretty to look at...but don't touch!
another beautiful vista...

We went up, down, up again, down again, wrapping our way through a canyon and several mountains.  We were beginning to feel like goats.

We are going to have to wash clothes and the dog after this!!!
"Three Tired Dogs" at the end of the trail.


  1. Well, in your first photo Miltie doesn't look too bright maybe he just woke up!

  2. Hey, is that the Wayne? We just finished working the graveyard shift and sitting here drinking beer and surfing the 'net and ran across your blog. Wow, we haven't seen or heard hide or hair from him in two to three years. Looks like ya'll be in the desert.
    We alls look forwards to seeing your blog some more.

  3. Miss you guys, I feel left out, should I go take some pictures at Tom Bass Park??

  4. LOL...Frannie--that is one place I do not miss after a year of walking that same path day in day out!