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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camelback Part III - The Trail Never Ends

At this point, rest stops were quite frequent.  Luckily, we brought water and a few snacks a long.  Next time, we will bring the sunscreen...lesson learned.

Jeanette's new hiking shoes came in real handy at this point. We weren't even sure we were on the trail; thank god this guy was ahead of us.  Thank god, he knew where he was going!

Now all we have to do is take a few more steps...or so we thought.
Wayne is making this look too easy. But in all honesty, we had a little rest break before the final ascent.

Besides being a neat shot, this tree was really useful to help pull yourself up and over the many obstacles.

Could it be.?????

And what did we see when we got there???

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