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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camelback Part I- The Innocent Arrive

 I occasionally have a good idea. This was not one of those occasions. Jeanette wanted to walk in the botanical gardens and as I was driving her there, I saw Camelback Mtn in the background and I remembered Russell talking about trying to climb it.  I thought well...we have been hiking up a storm, so no problem. Jeanette said she felt up to it, but warned me you had to be in pretty good shape. She had tried it about five years ago with her sister, Renee. After we finished the hike,  all I wanted to do was sit in the hot tub and take a Vicodin. Jeanette drank a few drinks.
At the start of our hike, I emailed and shot off a photo to show the kids our intentions. Jennifer chimed in over the phone, "It has stairs, right?"
Well, something like stairs.  We thought no problem.

You need to click to enlarge this one..this was our view as we started the hike which is why we both thought... "Hey, not so bad." Little did we know this range was blocking the view of Camelback.
Up we go, like lambs to the slaughter.

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