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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Road Trip into the mountains January 30, 2011

 We went up to Prescott
 80 miles and three climate zones later.
 We decided to drive up to Walker townsite.
 Road looked OK at first
 Nice streams
 Snowy slopes
 kinda pretty until....
 There is barely enough room for the dually, rocks on one side
 frozen lake 300 foot below, driving on ice, am I still on the road? I'll check the GPS
 Would I like to switch to Pedestrian mode now??? WTF? Abandon the truck?
 No more ice..

 nice views
 Looking across Prescott 
 Stop for Pie and coffee in Rock Springs.  Then watch the sunset.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sun City Ramblings

 These cactus are everywhere
 Free citrus going into the juicer
 Blue (yawn) cloudless skies again
 People have citrus trees but when it ripens, its more than they can handle so it goes out on the curb like bags of leaves.
1993 Corvette for tops.....19 thousand original miles...the used cars you see for sale in Sun City

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tonto National Forest - Seven Springs -- CCC Campground Jan 13, 2011

We went to an area in the Tonto National Forest today...some interesting history seeing it was a CCC camp once ( click to enlarge if you don't know about the CCC's ).  Sadly, five years ago,  there was a huge forest fire in this area of the national forest. Vegetation was sparse along our drive and charred trees remain, but mother nature is healing itself as is evident by the following pics.

It was another blue sky, perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.
No serious hiking today, just  strolled alongside the brook and enjoyed the serenity.
If it would have been 10 degrees hotter, we would have joined Kobe!

Pretty rocks...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Go John trail - 5.8 miles in 3 hours - January 11,2011

Bright-eyed and ready to go.  Go John trail is a loop ( click to enlarge trail map below).

Start at arrow; go straight up, and then loop to the right.  Looked easy enough. Kinda wondered about all the wiggles on the map.
Yes, it was brisk at the beginning. Kobe is in the lead. Jeanette is patiently waiting for Wayne.  The hat and gloves were off within the hour.
We are going where??? Beautiful vistas on this trail.

Pretty to look at...but don't touch!
another beautiful vista...

We went up, down, up again, down again, wrapping our way through a canyon and several mountains.  We were beginning to feel like goats.

We are going to have to wash clothes and the dog after this!!!
"Three Tired Dogs" at the end of the trail.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

White Tanks Regional Park January 9,2011

In case you want to know which cactus is which here is a reference guide.
This is a much easier hike than Camelback, which was a welcomed relief!
Plus, this hike some history to it ...
Just another reference guide...
We are headed to that canyon there in the distance.
Much better than climbing over boulders and loose rock!

After a good rain, a beautiful waterfall would be cascading in this enclave.  However, you have to time your hike just right, which evidently we did not.  Though it had rained a bit the day before, there was a pool of water. 

Wayne, that is not the trail...or I hope not!