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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Morning Walk in Phoenix

 See Jeanette and Kobe hiding in the shadows?

Not used to sunshine so I need to start minding my shadows.


  1. Glad you are having nice weather there.. you are not missing any here.. it's been cold and overcast. This morning my car was complelty iced over and it was 37 outside.

    Mom's face looks better! :)

    I am sure Kobe is LOVING his travels. He is now one happy doggie. Next time.. take Mocha with you :)

  2. One dog limit, sorry. Yes, My face is looking A LOT better. The only thing that hurts is the cut inside my mouth...been on a liquid diet pretty much. The weather is perfect here and have been taking advantage of it. Got dad walking and he is almost keeping up with me now.